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Solar Wind Collection Statistics Webpage

Statistics as of 2004 Aug 08:

Bulk(B) CME(E) CH(H) Slow(L) SRC Lid(S) Conc(C)
Total Exposure Time (days)*** 852.83 191.79 313.01 335.19 884.47 813.74
Proton Fluence (* 1e16/cm^2) 2.0477 0.4660 0.6423 0.9034 2.1347 0.4992*
Fluence of Other Regimes** 0.0032 0.0013 0.0056
Alpha Proton Ratio 0.0399 0.0490 0.0382 0.0365 0.0400 0.0394
Array Changes (count) 215 190 198

*Proton Fluence of Concentrator indicates total integrated proton fluence below the H rejection grid.

**Fluence (*1e16/cm^2) during times when WIND and the deployed array do not agree due to array change blackouts

*** Contains fill data (days): B=0.82 E=0.14 H=0.36 L=0.32 S=12.71 C=0.81
model used: proton n=5 v=450*1e5 T=40000 ratio=0.04

Click here for integrated solar-wind velocity distribution plot

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