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The Genesis Science team is pleased by your interest in the Genesis solar wind data!
For general help, or answers to specific questions, please get in touch with us: refer to our contact list.


Browse Data as posted are not considered citable, because they have not been scrutinized. You are encouraged to contact members of the Genesis Science team when using these data. If you choose not to consult the Genesis Science Team regarding the validity of the Browse Data, you are proceeding at your own risk. Browse Data are intended to be used for monitoring recent solar wind behavior, and for identifying interesting time intervals worthy of further study. Data suitable for scientific study without further processing will be released and and made accessible here as Level 2 Data.

Browse Data are produced autonomously onboard the Genesis spacecraft. Browse Plots and Data Files are posted on this web site as soon as they are available. The Browse solar wind parameters are generally quite reliable. However the Browse Plots and Data Files posted here are not checked for accuracy or validity before they appear on this web site.

A detailed description of the onboard calculations that produce the Genesis Browse data is found in Neugebauer et al. [Space Science Reviews in press] .

When making use of the Browse Data in public presentations, we ask that you:

In addition, we would appreciate your sending copies of any presentations and publications that make use of the Genesis data. By doing so you will help us to keep a record all scientific use of the Genesis data, so that we can report to NASA, our sponsor, the value and scientific impact of the Genesis mission.

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